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The total rewards non-financial section listed above will motivate employees to work but also to buy in to the mission and values of InterClean. Most of the items listed are great motivating factors for employees to appreciate and value their positions with the company. InterClean wants to create a family orientated environment and cut down on employee’s out-of-pocket expense for entertainment and other personal services to invest more time effectively performing the job duties. This is the introduction to InterClean’s work-life implementation to meet more of the employee’s needs. The total rewards in the financial section listed will create more production in teams working together to accomplish and meet monthly goals to obtain the quarterly bonus. This will develop teamwork and colleagues will hold each other accountable for their work roles. Profit sharing with employees on a managerial level will benefit retention to those who take advantage of training to enhance and develop skill set to move upward in the company versus leaving the company to work for the competition. InterClean’s goals are to create a sense of ownership to all employees.


Chief Officer of Compliance – Salaried

Associate Trainer – Salaried

Purchasing and Distribution – Salaried

Customer Relations – Salaried

Manager of New Accounts – Salaried

Manager of Old Accounts and Collections – Hourly plus 20 percent of closed paid off accounts

Sales Representative – Hourly plus 7 percent of all closed accounts

The new positions with the exception of the manager of old accounts & collections and sales representatives will be salaried. The individuals who will be salaried may be required to travel, overnight stays, work long hours and some weekends. InterClean wants these individuals to feel like they are not only valued but also they are being compensated fairly for the time spent on work, which can be a large part of their lives. Salaried...

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