Hr Managenet

Hr Managenet

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Critical Thinking, Question # 2 HRMG 3105

In order to deal with this situation I, as a HR manger, should collect information about this employee, her job duties/performance, and to get the answers to some questions. Then I have to make a decision based on these findings.

There are a few concerns associated with this situation:
• An ability to perform a job by this employee without getting the some problem,
• Is a requested part time a suitable option for an organization?
• A cost of temporary replacement and a sick leave compensation/future compensations,
• Why it happened? Are there objective reasons existing in organization that led/will lead in future to illness?
• Introduction of preventive measures in a workplace to decrease a stress level.

Action plan
1. Identify the objective reason (s), if any, that led to the stress accumulation and then to the illness.
• It can be done through interviewing this employee, a supervisor/manager, and piers

It will help to learn if those reasons are a product of existing conditions associated with organization’s culture, climate, someone’s behavior, unfair treatment, etc. Or maybe this employee just is not a good match for this position and it was too overwhelming for her.

2. Check the record of previous performance and attendance of that employee. Learn if a part time for two months requested by an employee is an acceptable option for this organization.

• through HR records and by talking to a supervisor/manager
• Talking to the head of the department where she works

It will help to learn about the employee’s professional performance, attendance, and her
attitude. It will also help to learn about organization’s needs in regards to this position.

3. Get an official professional opinion from her physician in regard to her ability to continue performing this job. What are chances of a relapse?

4. Conduct an interview with this employee to find out her intentions towards a job....

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