HR menegment in Russia

HR menegment in Russia

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Anna Trutt
Certified specialist of Institute of Management
Business and Law (Rostov-on-Don)

The Essence and Main Directions
of Human Resource Management
in the Russian Organizations
In modern conditions the effective use of all the resources, possessed by the organization, appears particularly significant. The
more effective usage of the organization employees’ potential becomes the main direction of raising competitiveness in the market.
Therefore, the contemporary concept of the organization management supposes singling out from a large number of functional
spheres of management activities the one, which is connected with organization human capital management. In recent years in the
scientific literature and practice a row of notions is widely used: human resource management, labor resource management, personnel management, human capital management and others, but they all relate to the labor activities of a person, behavior management
of an employee in the framework of the organization. The given article attracts attention to the researching of the essence of the
human research management and main directions in the human resource management improvement in the Russian organization
at present. In the research the main concepts of management, key factors of labor motivation, most actual models, approaches to
management are described, in the focus of our attention is also the system of human resource management. In the frames of the research the author identifies the main areas of the personnel management, which are the most important for the Russian companies.
Key words: management; human resources; personnel; management models; human resource strategy; key areas of hr-management; quality
of working life.

Human resource management is a many-sided and sophisticated process, which has some specific features and laws. Human resource
management is...

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