Hr Strategies for a Multi-National Corporation

Hr Strategies for a Multi-National Corporation

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Week 7: Course Project
HR Strategies for a Multi-National Corporation

Team B:
Edward Williams - Geographic Location; HR Practices of Argentina
Phillip Davis - Abstract; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Koray Ertan - Chosen Company: Wal-Mart
Moussoukoro Ly - HR Practices of Brazil
Angel Thomas - Geographic Location; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Recommendations

HRM584: Managing International Human Resources
Instructor: Dr. Tiffanie Deloach
Keller Graduate School of Management
Oct 20, 2013
South America affords multi-national organizations with a variety of opportunities for expansion and enterprise. The countries within the region are diverse and nuanced each presenting significant advantages and disadvantages to commerce. The continent possesses considerable natural resources, political stability, and human capital opportunities worth exploiting; however risks must be mitigated to increase the likelihood of success. This HR analysis strategic plan deals with the Human Resource implications of Wal-Mart doing business within Sao Paolo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The nuances of each respective region are outlined and contrasted with one another, with the hopes of ascertaining which region is more conducive to Wal-Mart’s business strategy.

Geographic Location: The South American Region
South American region is recently known for its rise of flourishing businesses and its interest in gaining more consumers. It is also the center for buying and selling nowadays. The sales are picking up as fast as it never has been for decades making companies to hire more. The countries, Argentina and Brazil, were chosen to compare and contrast because of the recent growth as well as the incredible potential for growth over the next few years. The rich mixed of cultures impact on the Human Resources highly.
Within Argentina, Buenos Aires is a large and diverse...

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