Hrm/ 531 Human Capital Management

Hrm/ 531 Human Capital Management

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Final Paper:

HRM/ 531 Human Capital Management

November, 4th 2010

In the following pages I will be addressing the upcoming merger between InterClean and EnviroTech. In the next ninety days or so a major participant in the sanitation industry will be undergoing a major restructure. The two companies are InterClean and EnvrioTech. Each company will be rappresented by its corresponding owners and colleagues. InterClean s owner David Spencer was left with such company by his father. At this time InterClean is one of the leaders in it’s industry, however that could change if it were not to keep up with changing market demands. New regulations are constantly emerging in and demanding sterile environments, especially in the health care industry. Consequently sales members will constantly be re trained and educated on the utility of new products as well as the legal, environmental, safety and ethical issues involved.
In order to keep up with such demands it s essential InterClean is represented by the most efficient and most prepared team of sales agents. In order to achieve such we must match job requirements and people. One of first steps is to complete a job analysis .Let s first define such “A job analysis is the process of getting detailed information about jobs” (University of Phoenix, 2003 HR 531 Week Two Material) . We will also need a job description to present to the candidates.

A Job analysis is the ‘”building block of everything that Human Resources does”. It is also important from a legal perspective. It supports managers in hiring, performance reviews and recommendations. ( University of Phoenix, 2003 HR 531 Week Two Material)

It s essential when hiring new talent to target the right market to obtain a better match. One of the ways this can be done is by advertising through, referrals, college magazines and on line sites that sales agents from competing firms might be using. It...

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