Hrm 531effects of Unionization

Hrm 531effects of Unionization

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effects of unionization

Effects of Unionization
University of Phoenix
HRM 531
September 10, 2012

Effects of Unionization
A union, as defined by is, “an organization of wage earners or salaried employees for mutual aid and protection and for dealing collectively with employers” (, 2012). Workers band together and fight for their rights and negotiate with employers to enable themselves to get the best deal possible for themselves. Sometimes it may be about wages or benefits, or it could be about issues regarding conditions in the workplace. In the case of the National Football League Player’s Association (NFLPA), this union negotiates the terms of retirement and insurance benefits, a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), enforces the CBA, represents, and protects the rights of the players within the union.
The benefits of the players of the NFL joining a union is to have some sort of representation to negotiate compensation, retirement and insurance benefits, and for protection of player rights. With this union, they would be able to have someone to help them during lawsuits or appeals instead of having to represent themselves. As a union, they can bargain and negotiate as a group of workers to get what they all would like to have rather than each player having to fight for his own demands by himself.
The unionization process consists of selecting one representative as well as two to three alternate representatives from each of the 32 teams along with selecting an executive committee, electing a president (currently Dominique Foxworth), and electing an executive director, who currently is DeMaurice Smith (NFL Players Association, 2012). These player representatives, the executive committee, the president, and the executive are the group of people who represent the entire association and are responsible for the negotiation of bargaining agreements.
When a union such as the NFLPA wants to bargain, they can go on strike....

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