HRM 552 Week 1

HRM 552 Week 1

Human Resources Management

1. Activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resources of an organization
2. Human resources management is a modern term

HR Functions
1. Tasks and duties performed in large and small organizations to provide for and coordinate human resources
2. Major functions
a. HR planning, recruitment and selection
b. HR development
c. Compensation and benefits
d. Safety and Health
e. Employee labor relations
f. HR research
3. Talent management – the broad spectrum of HR activities involved in obtaining and managing firm’s human resources.

Who performs the HR functions?
1. Most managers are periodically involved to an extent in each of the major human resource functions.
2. Operating manager
a. Manages people directly involved with production of organization’s products or services.
b. Performs hr functions
3. HR Generalist
a. Devotes a lot of time to hr issues; does not specialize in any specific area
b. Responsible for directing hr functions
4. HR Specialist
a. Specially trained in one or more areas of HRM

The HR Department
1. Primary function – provide support to operating managers on all human resource matters
2. Fulfills a traditional staff role and acts in an advisory capacity
3. Other functions:
a. Customarily organizes and coordinates hiring and training
b. Maintains personnel records
c. Acts as a liaison between management, labor, and government
d. Coordinates safety programs
4. Depending upon the organization, functions maybe split between operating managers and hr department.

Challenges for today’s HR Managers
1. Diversity in the workforce
2. Regulatory changes
3. Structural changes to organizations
4. Technological and managerial changes within organizations

Diversity in workforce
1. Between years 2004-2014
a. Almost half the new entrants will be women
b. White, non-hispanic males will comprise fewer than one-third of new labor force entrants
c. Average age of...

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