HRM 599 HRM599 Complete Course HRM 599 HRM 599 Complete Course

HRM 599 HRM599 Complete Course HRM 599 HRM 599 Complete Course

HRM 599 HRM599 Complete Course
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HRM 599 Week 1 Discussion
"The Labor Force Today"  Please respond to the following: 
From the e-Activity, assess how underrepresented workers can be leveraged into any organization’s human resource strategy. Then, discuss how this links to the organization’s overall business strategy. 
Determine two uses for the information on this Website and how they could be integrated into your organization’s human resource strategy.
HRM 599 Week 2 Discussion 1
"Strategic Management" Please respond to the following: 
According to Sloan & Gavin (2010), a Human Resource Management (HRM) function has a responsibility to help an organization become ethical.  Recommend a plan to effectively integrate  the following segments into your current or a former organization’s workforce:
People with religious practices with specific requirements
Developmentally disabled individuals
Evaluate the impact these two groups might have on HRM and the organizational strategy. Determine if the costs outweigh the benefits.

HRM 599 Week 2 Discussion 2
"Ethical Behavior"  Please respond to the following:
The Sheomaker, Nijhof & Jonker (2006) article provides a detailed definition of “social responsibility.”  Provide your own definition of social responsibility. Then, assess how much an organization should focus on the role of social responsibility and provide your rationale. 
Predict the important ethical behaviors that organizations upon which organizations will need to focus implementing policy changes over the next 10 years. Determine what might happen to an organization if an intervention does not take place.

HRM 599 Week 3 Discussion 1
"Formulating New HR Strategy"  Please respond to the following:
Consider how a new HR strategy could affect the environment.  Assess what...

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