Hrm Concepts

Hrm Concepts

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Problem description and analysis

Part a)
A friend of mine had recently started employment and unfortunately within the first week of the induction training her daughter fell ill with chicken pox. She is a single mother and therefore it is her sole responsibility to care for her child. As this fell within the first week of employment, she was unable to fully attend the induction process, missing out on meeting the various people involved in the organisation, along with the understanding of all her roles and the procedures expected of her within her employment.
This caused various difficulties settling within the company. She felt she was pre judged because of her circumstances dictating her priories. She felt alienated from her colleagues and management and felt she was thrown into the job to make up for the time she had lost. She felt unclear as to what was expected of her and what responsibities she had.

Part b)
Preston (2011) describes many HR concepts I shall be looking at session three – first impressions, induction and socialisation.
First Impressions

First impressions from both the employer and employees perception is very important. It can be very significant in the culture of the business by determining how each party views and conducts themselves with each other.
Regarding the situation from the perspective of the company the first impressions of the employee may not be good. The individual could look unreliable in having to take the first week of their new employment. It may look like they are unmotivated and are not showing interest in the company and that the job is a low priority to them. The employee’s first impression of the business is that they have not appeared very friendly or informative. Although, due to unforeseen circumstances the induction was missed, the employer has not made appropriate provisions to provide the employee with suitable information and introductions therefore leaving her with a first impression that they...

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