HTT 210 UOP Courses / Uoptutorial

HTT 210 UOP Courses / Uoptutorial

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HTT 210 Assignment: Careers in the Industry Appendix E

HTT 210 Week 6 Assignment: Attractions and Gaming Business

HTT 210 Final Project: The Plan for a Dream Vacation

HTT 210 Week 1 CheckPoint: Business and Life Cycles

HTT 210 Week 2 Assignment: Travel Marketing Brochure

HTT 210 Week 2 CheckPoint: Vacation Destinations

HTT 210 Week 4 Assignment: The Future of Ecotourism

HTT 210 Week 4 CheckPoint: Lisa’s Ecotourism Trip

HTT 210 Week 5 CheckPoint: Travel Transportation

HTT 210 Week 6 CheckPoint: A Rise in Attractions and Gaming

HTT 210 Week 7 CheckPoint: Travel Agents and Tour Operators

HTT 210 Week 8 CheckPoint: Trends in Travel and Tourism


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Due Date: Day 7 [post to the Individual forum] Think of a trip to a location you visited in the past, or find a current vacation destination area that is in need of improvement due to insensitivity to the environment or culture. Applying ecotourism concepts, consider various means to improve the area. Resources: National Geographic Society Web site Review the National Geographic Society Web site if you need help finding a destination. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing your ideas to improve the environment or culture of a vacation destination. Include responses to the following: o Why did you choose this area? Describe the environment or culture. o What needs improvement? o What do you think might happen to this area if nothing is done? o How might ecotourism practices help this area? o Which stakeholders need to be involved? o Which accredited ecotourism organizations might help you with your improvements? o...

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