Vicktoria .L. Engle
Your Name::Vicktoria .L. Engle
Grading Breakdown:
55 points for complete activities and responses to questions
5 points for correctly submitting this worksheet to the assignment dropbox
5 points for proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling

Total: 65 points for the assignment

To answer questions in this course that require you to research online and cite your source, please follow the directions below.
To research online, use Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, or another web browser and complete the following steps:
1. Choose one of the search engines listed below and type it into your browser.
a. Google -
b. AltaVista -
c. Hotbot -
d. Lycos -
e. Excite -
f. WebCrawler -
2. When the search engine page appears in your browser, you should see a text box on the page for you to enter your keyword(s), phrases or data.
3. Type in your key word(s), phrases or data and press “Enter” to initiate the search process. You should see a list of sites that contain information about the keyword(s), phrases or data you entered.
4. Select one of the links and click on it to find your answer to the question(s).
5. You may choose to repeat step four and click on a different link to verify your answer with a second source.

To answer questions in your own words, use the following process:
When you answer a question using a website or a publication as a resource to help you respond,
You MUST paraphrase information in your own words.
You MUST properly give credit to an author by citing the source.
If you copy phases and sentences from resources, this is Plagiarism, which is illegal, and may result in a failing grade.

To cite your source(s) for this course, use the following format:

Question 1: Use the internet to do...

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