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Huawei is a global brand of electronic company and telecom solutions provider. Their products have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population. BusinessWeek’s elected Huawei the world’s 10 “most influential” companies in 2008. Founded in 1988 by a former People's Liberation Army officer with less than $4,000 in the beginning. Huawei have been growing from a small company to he leader of the electronics and information industries.

The one of main reasons behind this success optimizing work specialization. Before1996, the work specialization of Huawei was hierarchic structure, which likes most of small businesses. At that time, this is an obviously excellent work structure for them. The whole structure is relying on the entrepreneur’s intelligent decision to promote development of enterprise. The advantage of this structure is concentrating the authorities, unifying the command and clearing the responsibilities. The ones in management level have absolute authority in the jurisdiction and employees bad to follow the traditional responsibility division in work area.

National Vocational Qualification (NVQs) is an effective management approach to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, improve department management, and promote company development. Jianguo Zhang- Vice President in Huawei was introduced performance appraisal in 1998 for solving the problem of talent flow. This system for employee is the equal to season examination for student. Every staff must improve their ability to capable job goals and to reach the requirement of job standard. For example, every staff under this system can check their own job and compare with the NVQs standard. People will feel a sense of accomplishment when they reach the standard.

With development of a number of employees, Huawei realized that the old work specialization is not satisfied with the need of company. After preparation and small-scale test for couple of years,in...

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