Hull House

Hull House

Mid Term

P1 Thesis
Context source reflects New settlement movement

“Twenty Years at Hull House” by Jane Addams, reflects the motives of the new settlement movement. The Hull House advocated their Christian beliefs through their good will in an attempt to create a better and healthier environment for young men and women. Also the hull house wanted to prevent women from being degraded and not respected but educate them on women’s rights and showing them what is going on around the world in places like India and China. The document presents information of how the Hull House impacted the child labor controversy and the widespread issue of poverty.
-A few connections between the document and the history context; the great depression was a time that challenged the hull house, with Jane’s struggle to keep it open and still provide for the people.

-chapter 10 labor laws
In the document you will find examples of the importance of Hull House in the forming of child labor laws. During its first winter three boys were injured at a factory, which led to an investigation on the factory environments and their sanitation. During these times it was easier for the children of immigrants to get jobs and support families with their wages. These investigations turned up evidence involving one child that committed suicide due to the stress of supporting her family, three girls that were unable to eat candy because they worked in a candy factory and the sight of it made them sick. These afflictions, experienced by most people that worked in factories, built a strong case in the installment of the first Factory Law of Illinois. This first law prohibited women’s work hours to be no more than eight a day, and that children had to be age 14 or older to be able to work.
-chapter 8 problems of poverty
As part of the social gospel the Hull House was a place for everyone, the poor, the hungry, the sick. One could relate this to homeless shelters today,...

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