hum 182

hum 182

What advantages do traditional media have over emerging media and vice versa? What are the shortcomings of each type of media?
Traditional is a more trusted source due to it being out longer and a proven method to society, and emerging media is fairly new yet still gaining its trust with society benefits the life a today’s busy lifestyle and on the go environment. Some short coming for traditional media such as newspaper is the lack of convenience for today’s person, as for emerging media the fact that technology is still not accessible to the word is a shortcoming.

If you are a reporter with access to all forms of media distribution, which do you choose first to tell a story? Why? Explain how you might have answered this question differently 20 years ago.
Well of course I would go with what modern times use, and that is technology. I would use the internet due to the simple fact that I am able to receive more exposure also less censorship of my thoughts.

What is media literacy? Is it important to be media literate? How does one become media literate?
Being able to fully interpret and understand media is having media literacy. Yes it is defiantly important to understand the substance of that which you are reading or seeing on television. One become media literate by reading, asking questions, and dissecting what was heard or saw through the media.

Who are the gatekeepers? Is there a way to circumvent the gatekeepers? Do you feel the gatekeeper is still or has ever been necessary in media?
Gatekeepers are like the censor police they control the media and says what goes or doesn’t. I think to a certain extent yes the use of gate keepers is necessary at times due to sometimes people and companies get overwhelmed and need to be brought back to reality so to speak.

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