Human Activity and Global Warming

Human Activity and Global Warming

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Chris Leach

Dr. Wasserman

English 1

12 December 2008

Human Activity and Global Warming

Scientists agree that there is no doubt the earth’s atmospheric temperature is rising. The most popular question today is whether or not the earth’s temperature is rising due to human activity or because of normal climate change. Such a question is irrelevant because either way humans should not emit harmful toxins into the air. Humans should always strive to be as clean and energy efficient as possible, regardless of global warming, because emitting large amounts of toxins into the air is negatively affecting the Earth’s ozone layer, air quality, and causes harmful acid rain.

The Earth’s ozone layer has been depleting at alarming rates since the 1970’s. According to the International Association of Extra Smart Scientists the Earth’s ozone layer has been depleting by four percent annually due to the emission of nitroxycabonide, a chemical commonly used in the manufacturing of child toys (IAESS). This is an extremely alarming number especially considering the ozone is what protects life on Earth’s surface from the sun’s deadly radiation. Any manufacturing plant that uses nitroxycarbonide should immediately switch to an alternative chemical, such as nitroxycarbonite, a slightly more expensive yet completely nontoxic compound. Switching to nitroxycarbonite would not only stop the depletion of ozone but would actually allow the ozone to heal itself from the damages cause by nitroxycarbonide.

Air quality is also a huge issue around the world. According to American Medical Journal: “Cases of asthma in the United States and elsewhere have increased by seventy percent in the past thirty years [. . .]” (AMJ 19). This fact is due in part because of the declining air quality in the world. Cars, factories, and electrical plants all emit excessive amounts of carbon that and collects in urban areas and intern blown around the world by the trade winds. The...

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