Human Biology Exam

Human Biology Exam

BIOL 160
Midterm Exam I
University of Maryland University College

The following general directions apply to this exam:
This exam is worth a total of 100 points.
This exam is open books & notes in format.
Total Points: 100 ( 20 points Multiple Choice + 75 points Essay Questions + 5 points for following directions correctly)

MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS – 1 POINTS EACH – 20 POINTS TOTAL: On the answer sheet (see attachment) enter the letter that represents the best answer to the questions below.

1:  Epithelium, connective tissue, muscle, and nervous tissue are

A: Secondary tissues

B: The embryonic precursors of mesoderm

C: Primary tissues

D: None of the above

2:  Glands of the body are derived from

A: connective tissue

B: mesoderm

C: glandular epithelium

D: membranous epithelia

3:  Bone, cartilage, and blood are all

A: forms of specialized connective tissue

B: forms of dense connective tissue

C: forms of loose connective tissue

D: None of the above

4:  A ligament

A: connects muscle to bone

B: is composed of the same material as tendons

C: connects muscles to muscles in joints

D: None of the above

5:  Extracellular fibers of connective tissue are formed by

A: macrophages

B: fibroblasts

C: osteocytes

D: osteoclasts

6:  Cartilage

A: contains large amounts of calcified matrix

B: is an inflexible tissue found in areas where rigidity is required

C: gives rise to tendons and bones during embryonic development

D: heals very slowly because its blood supply is limited to the outer area so that nutrients do not readily penetrate its interior

7:  The outer layer of the intervertebral disk is composed of

A: hyaline cartilage

B: elastic cartilage

C: fibrocartilage

D: none of the above

8:  Which of the...

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