Human Cloning: Immoral and Unethical

Human Cloning: Immoral and Unethical

Cloning has always been the source of serious debate, raising ethical issues that must not be overlooked. Scientists and ethicists alike have debated the implications of human cloning extensively since 1997, when scientist at the Roslin Institute in Scotland produced Dolly. No conclusions have been drawn, but arguments state that cloning results in harmful physical and psychological effects.

Human Cloning is immoral and Unethical

The cloning of humans or any species is ethically and morally wrong. The consideration of cloning forces all humans to question the very concepts of right and wrong. Human cloning is unethical because we cannot know the results, because it alters societal roles, and because it degrades humanity.

The first reported successful clone was that of Dolly the sheep. This was an example of reproductive cloning, in which an embryo is created in order to grow into a replica of the creature from which it was cloned. This is the most controversial application, because it involves creating
life potentially if used in the future creating human life. There were two hundred and seventy seven trial implants of nuclei. Nineteen survived and the rest were discarded. (Adler 1996). If those nuclei were human, the cellular body count would look like sheer carnage. As research and experiments continue we inch closer to the possibility of human cloning becoming a reality. We should not hesitate to consider the cost cloning would have on our society as a whole. Some do not consider human embryos to be human individuals. Others consider the allegedly high level of natural wastage of embryos points to their lack of worth. Finally there are many who simply cannot believe that the embryo is a human being because it appears to be just a ball of cells. A human embryo is that it is not just human life, but a human individual; that is to say, an integrated human organism (Grisez. G 1989 ).

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