Human Cloning Is Just Simply Impossible

Human Cloning Is Just Simply Impossible

by Anna B. Zaniewska

Part of being a human being is to be unique. It makes one wonder what kind of people would really like to have a clone. Whoever they are, they will not succeed. The article explains why.

We are not facing the crisis in the continuity of human kind.

Cloning of a human being is not, and never will be possible because one significant component - the mind - can not be cloned.

The only thing that can be cloned is the body. But, human being is not only the body. It is also the mind. The mind-body interaction seems to be unquestionable these days.

That interaction is only a part of the whole network of interactions called "The Web of Interactions."

This new and constantly developing conceptual framework suggests that each human being is a tripartite entity constituted of three: the material, social and personal being. All these beings are interconnected by interactions. Their constituents such as: mind, perception, beliefs, judgments and actions can all be defined in terms of interactions.

On that account the mind is a result of an interaction between the brain and the world.

The world is not a stable entity. That means that the state of the world that created the mind of person X can not be repeated. If that is the case then the mind of the person X' will not be the clone of person X. If the mind can not be a clone, there is no chance to clone a person.

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