Human Environmental Hazards

Human Environmental Hazards

By: Bonnie Gaudio

There are four classes of environmental hazards that could harm the human race. They
are cultural, biological, physical, and chemical. I am going to discuss how each category could
hurt the human race or could even kill the hum race.

Cultural hazards are choice hazards; this means a person chooses this type of hazard to
hurt them. Some explains of cultural hazards are driving a car to fast, smoking cigarettes, or
eating fast food. You choose what speed you are going to drive your car. If you drive too fast
you can cause an accident and hurt yourself or others or even kill yourself or others. Same goes
for cigarettes you have that choice not smoke, same with not eating healthy.

Biological are hazards that are not something you choose to do. They are battle with
pathogen bacteria. They are viruses that we have been battling for years now. An example of
biological hazards is AIDS/HIV, you do not choose to get this. And there has not been a cure yet
for this but there is medicines to help you through it.

Physical hazards are natural disasters, which mean it is another hazard that nobody would
choose to go through. Some natural disasters are hurricanes, floods, and tornados. I have
experience all three of these hazards. I wish I did not have to go through them. They can wreck a
community and families. They also do not choose their paths the go on.

Chemical hazards are the host of technology that employs chemicals. Some examples of
chemical hazards that could harm human life as well as plant and animal life are pesticides,
cleaning processing companies, and fuel. With any exposure to these hazards it could cause harm
to humans, plants, and animal life.

In closure there is some hazards we could prevent like chemical and cultural hazards, but
biological and physical hazards we cannot always control. We can try to make it better to...

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