Human Evolution by Hoxha

Human Evolution by Hoxha

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Human Evolution Article Question
By: Arli Hoxha

Charles Darwin was a British naturalist who discovered the theory “Survival of the fittest”. Darwin studied and observed the different plants and animal species his entire life. His discovery of the “Survival of the fittest” theory made him one of the most discussed names in the world of science and geology .This theory was written after Darwin’s five year trip to Beagle where he spend a lot of time observing the difference in species and the environment they settled in. Darwin’s explanation of his theory was that those who will mostly succeed are the ones who will be easily adapted to particular conditions and environment. It highlighted the evolution of the different species and plants to adapt for survival to the environment. This theory has become so famous because it proofs that evolution takes place in humans and other different species, and also because it can be applied to many different topics. Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” is used by different people regarding different new important topics at this time.

As I said before Darwin’s theory of survival has been used in a lot of different topics in the modern world. Humans have always evolved and are still evolving even in their every day activities. In my opinion the best example to apply this theory with is the school environments, and especially high school. High school is the hardest environment for some teenagers to adapt in. Everyone has a different ideas, style and opinion. Most of them share the same goals and try their best to reach them. Just like species in a different environment have to evolve, so do students in school. They have to get used to following the many rules and the work that needs to be done. As a student myself I know that sometimes for some people change is not that good and when it occurs it...

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