Human Factors

Human Factors

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Research Methodology


• Chief of Police

• Bonnie Chamberlain – President of Budget Office

• Barry Birckhead – Head of the SGA


We used advanced search engines and techniques to find information related to the topic of campus security. With the use of the information found we will compare and contrast schools with effective security programs to Southern Polytechnic State University by contacting their campus police. We will visit the schools to survey and get ideas on the best way to maximize security. By talking with the students, we will receive a better understanding of how the students feel protected. We will determine the ratio of campus police to the area of the campus, which will allow us to see about how many police need to be on patrol during each shift. By carrying out this research, we will be able to better protect the students at SPSU.


This report examines three possible long-term solutions.

Option 1 – Add security cameras around Southern Polytechnic State University
Option 2 – Increase the police budget
Option 3 – Develop a “Meet and Great” program

Option 1 – Add security cameras around Southern Polytechnic State University


By adding security cameras around Southern Polytechnic State University, students will feel safer on campus. The cameras will be placed in the parking lots, and around the Commons and University apartments.


In order for the school to afford to buy the cameras, the school would have in increase the student parking fee for fall 2009 and spring 2010. Then Southern Polytechnic would have to hire people to install the cameras around campus.

If the cameras did get installed we wouldn’t have anybody to monitor the cameras all day. For example, if a thief breaks into someone’s car and steals what is inside, the cameras will only be there to show who did it and what time. There wouldn’t be anybody...

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