human resource developmnt case

human resource developmnt case

HRD : Working at the boundaries
and interfaces of organisation

• HRD experiencing a phase of growth and
advancement in Discipline.
• Current literature : HRD as a set of organizational
activities designed to facilitate learning in an
• Consideration of broader field of organizational
learning than individual learning
• Specific dimensions enhanced role includes:
- enhancing the learning capacity of employees

• - Developing the notion that learning is a shared
- viewing learning as a part of everyday working.
- Fostering conditions which facilitates organizational learning

• It views HRD to be more diffuse, less likely
organizational unit but considered more as set of activities that
occurs at many level
• Integration take place in philosophy, policy, process and activity
• The issues on the contribution that HRD can as a set of policies,
strategies, interventions and activities make at boundaries and
• HRD need to increase its strategic orientation and facilitate
boundary management and networking within and outside the
• Therefore impact of HRD can have in creating, changing and
developing effective organisational boundaries and interfaces.

Understanding boundaries and interfaces:
• The content and nature has changed
• Boundaries : entities that separate different activities ,
people and processes.
• Possible pattern that defines how organization structure
and relate to one another
• Context, emerging and shifting with pace of
organizational change
• Interface: as a point at which output leaves a boundary.
• Represents the “what”, the content of interaction
between activities, actors and processes

• Discrete organization: organization as competitive
• Individuals are motivated by self interest ,
therefore competition rather collaboration.
• Interaction outcome – primarily zero-sum
• Embedded organization:...

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