Human Resource Functions

Human Resource Functions

Marketing principles
* Marketing is a significant dimension of any business in today’s highly competitive environment thus financial success is often dependent on marketing ability (Kotler and Hensen, 2000).
* According to kotler and Hensen (2000) marketing management is the art and science of choosing target markets and getting, keeping and increasing customers thru creating, managing, communicating and delivering superior customer value.
* Promotion is the means by which companies inform, persuade and remind consumers of their products benefits (Kotler and Hensen, 2000). It includes the use of advertising, public relations, personal selling, trade shows, direct marketing and sales promotions.

The promotional mix
* According to kotler and Hensen (2000) Advertising is any paid form and non-personal communication that an identified sponsor is informing an audience about a product or service. It cannot be interacted with and is tailored to a larger audience. It is the most commonly used form of promotion in marketing and can be done via Internet, TV, radio and print.

Advertising objectives
* To Inform
* To Persuade
* To Remind
* To meet companies specific long and short term goals

Publicity Relations
* Public relations are basically relevant information about a company, event or product simply transmitted via mass media in a way to get public attention (Kotler and Hensen, 2000). Marketers utilize newsletters, sponsorships, employee relations, community relations & philanthropy, media tours and media relations to carry out successful PR activities.

PR Objectives
* To Build goodwill with customers
* To Build favorable Product and brand Awareness
* To Create Interest
* To Stimulate Demand
* To Provide Information by using articles, newsletters and websites to provide in-depth information about products and services.
* To manage crises that threaten company or...

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