Human Resource in a Company

Human Resource in a Company


1. Responsibilities and authority of Chief Executive Officer:

➢ Overall operations of the company

➢ Framing policy matters

➢ Providing resources

➢ Business development

➢ Quality of the products

➢ Effective functioning of the quality system

➢ Training and development of personnel

➢ Approval of all quality system documentation

➢ Marketing and Pricing

➢ Finance and expansion plans

➢ Capital goods purchases

2. Responsibilities and authority of Partner (Managing Representative):

➢ Production Planning

➢ Production as per plan

➢ Preventive Maintenance

➢ Capacity utilization

➢ Meeting statutory and regulatory requirements

➢ Establishing, maintenance of Quality Management System

Secondary Responsibilities:

➢ Receiving, in-process and final inspections

➢ Calibration of instruments

➢ Developing Quality Plans and Inspection test plans

➢ Investigation of Quality Complaints

➢ Non conformance Product control

➢ Corrective and preventive actions

➢ Co-ordination with external inspection agencies

➢ Liaison with customers on quality matters

➢ Reports to CEO

➢ Vendor directory, appraisals

➢ Purchasing

➢ Vendor development

3. Production and Packing:

➢ Production

➢ Packing

➢ Reports to CEO

4. Stores Keeper:

➢ Receipts and issues of materials

➢ Maintaining stock

➢ Storage, packaging and prevention of materials

➢ Housekeeping

➢ Customer property- materials (free issue) from customers

➢ Material accounting

➢ Reports to CE


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