Human Resource Management Problem Report

Human Resource Management Problem Report

Human Resource Management Problem Report

Executive Summary

This report will look at a human resources management problem with relation to study session 3 from book 2, Finding people and helping them fit in. It aims to identify why the problem arose and where changes could have been made to help the employee in the situation.

Problem Description

One of the more difficult HRM situations I have encountered happened a few years ago, working in yacht hospitality, when I joined a new boat as the deckhand. As with most jobs in the industry this was a live aboard position and the problems started once I had moved on board. The induction phase was little more than a walk around with no attempt to go into the detail of the job description, what was expected of me or what I could expect from my employers. I was left to begin working with little idea of how the yacht was usually run which resulted in me struggling to reach the standards expected of me, simply because I did not know what those were. Having not been formally introduced to the other crewmembers also made fitting in more challenging. After attempting to raise these issues with the Captain to no avail, the experience resulted in me leaving the position after only two weeks and feeling entirely demotivated with the job and the industry.


Assessing this situation it is clear to see that my problems began at the recruitment stage. As yachting is a very competitive industry and I was inexperienced at the time, I did not use the interview stage to my full advantage and ask more relevant and in depth questions about the position. I did not see this step as the two-way process that it should have been and as a result I did not find out all the information I needed, to make a more informed decision about the job. I do not think the Captain had put much thought into his person specification and was happy to offer the job to the most inexperienced and eager candidate, me.

As not much...

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