Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

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Tina Melendez
BUS 303 Human Resources Management
Instructor: Kevin Righter
September, 12, 2013

Human Resources Management

Within my paper I will be addressing the different types of management as well as the things (HRM) entails. I will be discussing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action, Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Human Resource Development, Compensation and Benefits, Safety and Health, and Employee Labor and Relations. I have found that by studying all of these areas it is much easier to comprehend how and why these methods are used as well as seeing why this would help one’s career ambitions as well as help one to prepare for a productive, as well as prosper.
When it comes to Human resource planning there are several steps as every company wants the best employees for the job. They look for employees that have a good attitude, as well as people that can do the job with the highest satisfaction as well as standards.
There is also the fact that the employee must be reliable as well as responsible, the employee also must understand how to do the job correctly as this helps the company prosper. When an employee is irresponsible or unreliable many times this is a downfall as the other employees have to pick up the slack which may cause some of the jobs to be overlooked or not done correctly as there is not ample time to do everything. Therefore this may cause the company to look bad to the public eye.
Several of the larger companies today conduct two interviews one with the owner and a second one with the manager then the two of them put their notes together and decide if this is the person that they feel will most adequately fit the position. There might also be a third interview with both the owner and the manager; this just depends on the policies as well as procedures of the company that is looking for new employees.
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