Human resource management

Human resource management

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Tutorial 1 - Introduction

Activity 1:
-Ice breakers activities
-Build your team activity (form groups for tutorial discussions and coursework project)

Fill in the blanks

1. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the process of

a) acquiring,
b) training,
c) appraising, compensating,
d) attending to their labor relations,
e) health and safety concern.

2. List SIX (6) HR functions.

i) Acquiring talented employees (recruitment and selection)
ii) Training and development
iii) Performance appraisal
iv) Compensation and benefits
v) Employee and labor relations
vii) Employee safety and health

3. Give 5 reasons why HRM is Important to all Managers
i) Avoid hiring the wrong person for the job
ii) Reduce high turnover
iii) Avoid employees being unmotivated
iv) Waste time with useless interviews
iv) Avoid being sued
(And other relevant answers)

4. The Human Resource Manager carries out three distinct duties that are:
i) Line function
ii) Coordinative function
iii) Staff (assist and advise function)

Essay Questions

Question 1 (Pass year question- April Examination – 2015/2016)

Analyse how technological advances, economic challenges and changing demographics poses an impact on today’s Human Resource Management. Provide relevant examples to support your answer..

Technological advances
The adoption of IT systems in improving work processes by having efficient and effective communications. The implementation of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), using FB for recruitment.

Trends in the nature of work
The changes in work arrangements i.e. flexi-hours, telecommuting, 4-40 programs, contract workers, part time, temporary etc. Usually this is due to the advancement communication tools.
Changes in the structure of organization (from hierarchical to flat) due to efficient communication channels.

Demographic and workforce...

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