Human Resource Managment

Human Resource Managment

Chapter 1 : introduction to HRM
1. What is HRM? Explain the importance of HRM.
HRM means human resource management. It is a specific area of management. As a specific area HRM deals with people. Actually it is the combination of staffing, training and development, motivating, and maintaining the human resource.
Importance of HRM
a) Strategic importance (business strategy, Lower class strategy)
b) HR is the best of all resource
c) HRM for every manager
d) HRM for peaceful workable environment
e) HRM for entrepreneurs

2. What is management? What are the primary function of management?
Management is an art of getting things done by people. It is also an art of coordinating the effort of people to achieve the organizational desire goals.
Functions of management
a) Planning
b) Organizing
c) Leading
d) Controlling

3. Describe the primary function of HRM

There are a total number of 4 primary functions of HRM. They are given in below.
# Planning
# analyzing
# recruiting
# training
# employee development
# orienting
# career development
# individual approach
# management approach
# organizational approach

#take care of employee
# introduce assistance programs
# open communication with employees

4. Explain the motivation theory of Abraham Maslow and MC Gregor.

Abraham Maslow’a theory: (Hierarchy of need theory) Need for….
# psychological
# security
# belongingness
# esteem
# self actualization
MC Gregor’s theory: (theory X and theory Y)
# theory X : negative assumption
# theory Y : positive assumption

5. Put down the characteristics of employment section and training and development section.
Employment section
# advertises for new employees
# recruiting new employees
# analyze the new employees
# analyze the new applicants and select...

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