Human Resource Manger

Human Resource Manger

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Llami Sloman
Axia College
Human Resource Manger
HRM 240

This paper is about a Human Resource Mangers position and in this paper there will be several things discuss. I will explain to the company how important the jobs is going to be and what the expectations of the person filling this position would be required to do, this pare will discuss the job functions and create a job description that is going to be require for each candidate that is applying for the job, I will talk about how the job is going to be adversities internally and externally for people to know about the job, there will be a list of interview questions that will be provided in this paper, benefits will be discusses along with compensation that will be available to the employee upon being hired with the company, also this paper will include a script that is going to use to inform the employee about our policies and procedures this company has like our privacy act, sexual harassment, immigration and smoke free policy, also there will be a training proposal that the candidates will receive in this paper it will include information about how you can advance from a human resource manger what classes you will have to take and what certifications is going to be needed to be considered .

I think the steps that are going to be set in place is going to fit the company strategic plan perfect with all of these requirements and benefit and training that we are going to offer this person and some of the degrees that they have to have then I know we are going to hire a person that’s going to well qualified and that is going to get the job done. I know that these steps that are going to required of the person is going to let us know that we have hired someone that is going to show long jeopardy on the job and this person will show the skills of moving up in the company because of the training that this human resource manger had to go thru.

The selection process...

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