Human Resources and Legal

Human Resources and Legal

Human Resources

Riordan is comprised of various companies and each of those companies had their own system for Human Resources. In 1992 Riordan implemented a Human Resources Information system (HRIS) which integrates to their financial systems package. This system tracks personal information (such as names, addresses, marital status, and birthdates), pay rates, personal exemptions for tax purposes; hire dates, seniority dates, vacation hours and organizational information. Not all information is stored within HRIS; additional information is maintained in various other locations which are manually entered using Microsoft Excel.
The development and training of the employees is a key element to growth within the Riordan Manufacturing Company. These training and development records are recorded and inputted into an Excel worksheet which is produced by the training and development specialist. All potential applicant information is maintained by the recruitment staff in an Excel spreadsheet as well as all resumes’ kept in a central file location. Riordan employs a third-party to manage the worker’s compensation records. Employee files are not kept in a central storage but rather the individual managers will maintain these records as well as track family and medical leave absences (FMLA) and accommodation requests for disabled persons (ADA). Riordan utilizes Excel spreadsheets to track results of job analyses, salary surveys and individual compensation decisions by the compensation manager. The employee relations specialists track complaints, grievances and harassment complaints. These records are stored in locked file cabinets in their offices.


Riordan’s Chief Legal Counsel is Lowell Bradford. Lowell is responsible for overseeing all of the company’s legal matters. As part of his responsibilities, all of the department heads are required to contracts for approval and signatures. Lowell Bradford fields any legal questions with the assistance...

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