Human Resources Management - Case Study on Recruitment and Selection

Human Resources Management - Case Study on Recruitment and Selection

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Nemo Holdings Singapore is facing a declining growth, project delays and loss of important contracts over the last few years. Such major problems could be avoided with the presence of a Human Resources expert in the company.

Many companies rely on wrong practices concerning human resources related issues and Nemo is not an exception. What is identified as the main issue in this company is the absence of an HR department or the external help of an HR expert.
In this report a clear statement of the problem will be given followed by suggestions of possible solutions.

Statement of the problem
The fact that there is no Human Resource department in the company and that all recruitments are under the authority of one person, which is not an HR expert, is leading this company to a series of errors due to bad Human Resource management practices.
Some identified problems due to poor HR management are:
* Growth without planning any company strategy
* Recruitment and selection process managed by only one person
* Recruitment and selection without any Human Resources policy

Problem Analysis
For the company’s growth planning and formulating a strategy is needed. Instead, merging and acquisition was based on numbers presented by the managers which resulted to an unsuccessful diversification. Furthermore, there was no policy on how the merging or acquisition would occur in relation to the personnel management. Are there any abilities or skills required by the newly acquired staff, were the right managers placed on the right positions, is there any recruitment or displacement needed?
Furthermore, without a Human Resources department, the CEO was spending considerable amount of time on the group’s financial and administrative matters, leaving very little time to concentrate on business growth, resulting to a declining.
On the other hand, recruitment and selection was conducted by the CEO alone who was not an HR expert and not...

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