Human Resources Paper

Human Resources Paper

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HRM 531: Performance and Career Management
Trevor J. Norlock
University of Phoenix

HRM 531: Performance and Career Management
To help manage performance at InterClean, it is important that feedback from employees is received and recorded in the employees file in regards to that individual’s production and the company’s training process. Feedback will be received in an open forum modality during the weekly the production meetings which is ran by Tom Gonzales and with the assistance of Eric Borden. Eric Borden will record the meetings “minutes’ which is an outline of what is covered in the meeting. This will then be emailed to all that were in attendance for review. Tom Gonzales will record any specific feedback received from employees and update this in his/her file on a weekly basis which serves as a reference during the employee’s quarterly review. Likewise it is necessary for the sales managers to provide feedback to the employees.
Feedback will be given in an open forum modality as well from Tom Gonzales (or proctoring sales manager) during the weekly production meeting and will address general feedback to the sales team. Any individual feedback will be done on a one-on-one basis when needed and also covered in greater detail in the employee’s quarterly review. During the employee’s quarterly review, and appraisal form will be used to record the employees performance and note any feedback from the employee during the review. This appraisal form will be recorded in the employee’s permanent file. During the quarterly performance review, new goals will be set and the performance standard adjusted to reflect the growth of the employee. If the performance standard was not previously met in the last quarter, re-instatement into the upcoming sales school will be explored along with an adjustment of the performance standard as needed.
Employees will be aided in reaching...

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