Human Resources Planning

Human Resources Planning

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Human resources management is a critical function that can 'make-or-break' an organisation.
Human resource planning means ensuring that the right number and types of people are available to apply the right skills needed to realise a strategic business plan. The planning of human resources becomes a search for those individuals who will contribute most in the success of the organisation. Planning of people in organisation involves to trying to obtain the right people, in the right numbers, with the right knowledge, skills and experience, in the right jobs, in the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.
Human Resources are the key resource within the College. It is the people in the College that make the difference to the educational outcomes of the students. An effectively planned workforce is better equipped through having the right mix of people and skills to achieve the aims and objectives of college and its future challenges.
HR planning begins with the development of a profile indicating the status of current human resources. This profile is generated through forms completed by the employees and sent to the HR department. This form include name of employee, age, date employed within the college, sex, job title, place of employment, education and/or training along with the dates when completed and special skills. This information is valuable not only in determining what skills are available but also in developing new instructional programs and support services.

The main benefits of HR planning are:
 Staff required to meet future organisational needs are being recruited and developed.
 Improved identification of staff development needs.
 Reduced recruitment costs through appropriate recruitment levels.
 Increased job satisfaction.
 Reduce staff turnover.
 Improved employee relations.
 Reduced skills shortages.

There are a number of laws and legislations (Employment and Industrial Relations Act of 2002) impacting the Human...

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