Human Rights and Youth Initiative

Human Rights and Youth Initiative

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The following proposal is based on the overwhelming success of the previous projects done in collaboration with, among others, the UNESCO and the Center (za obuku sudija... )
The idea for this kind of project emerged from the attempt to raise the general public awareness with regard to Intellectual property issues and supporting the members of creative community in their everyday life and recognition of their artistic works.
Most of our previous projects were thought of as a mode of education for new generations of all kinds of people with all kinds of different interests who had not have the chance to understand what the Intellectual property really is and what it really means for country’s economy. We are proud to say that, after the attendance to our courses and after the studying of the materials that the employees of Sine Qua Non have prepared, the approach and the dealing with the copyright infringement had radically changed in this country.
We are also proud to say that thanks to our hard work, together with the number of our partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International community, the members of all spheres of creative community were finally able to make a living from their work!
All of our projects were launched as soon as the situation in country permitted us to point out that the rights of the artists and authors were being virtually crossed at every corner of every street of every city, town or village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We therefore are determined, now more than ever, to continue with our work and our projects to further elevate the knowledge of our citizens and the level of appreciation of our creative community.

About the Program

Based on previous success of variety of our projects, a new goal for Sine Qua Non’s Copyright Center is to develop a program for the students of the creative schools and Universities ( Umjetnička, Likovna, Muzička,, Dizajneri…) wherein they would be able to...

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