Human Services Organizations

Human Services Organizations

Human Services Organizations
Domonique Crossley, Christian Bustamante, Evelyn Ward, Jeffrey Pardue, Raymond Gistarb, Taylor
Ms. Sharris Nelson- Menifee
June 6, 2016


It is essential that human service organizations build relationships throughout the communities in which they are helping. Doing so will help to make the community better while promoting positivity in efforts for people to become more and more stable. Eventually leading them to the point of no longer needing services. The truth is, people will always need help and there will always be a need for human service organizations, but the idea if for them to eventually regain stability on their own. There are a myriad of ways that a human service organization can build partnerships in their communities. Human service organizations and other agencies such as child welfare, social service, education representative, health care professional, law enforcement and housing authority are able to network with one another in order to improve and build up the community. Collaboration is great, and along the way, there will be barriers. However, with barriers come solutions and strategic ways to effectively collaborate.

The Collaboration Phases
As the relationship with outside and competing organizations are created, administrative control is united. In the initial phase of collaboration conflict may arise between the agencies regarding control and the direction of the organization. During the initial phase some groups find it hard to agree on the correct path to take towards making the changes necessary for productivity. It has been proven that in order for partnerships to develop successfully three task have to be formed which are; establish communication, develop a shared vision, and establish permanence through trust (Gary 1985, 1990).  When looking for new partners there has to be some form of communication with organizations that...

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