Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality

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I think a good topic to research is that supposedly women's sexuality is more fluid than men's. Meaning, that there are a lot of women bisexuals, but very few men bisexuals. So the difference in sexuality between men and women is interesting.

Gender identity & gender roles
Sexual orientation
Adult sexual behaviors and attitudes
Sexual variants
Sex as a commodity
Sexual problems and therapy
Sexual assault, harassment and violence
Sex sells because theoretically it is something that everyone wants. There is plenty of demand for it, ask around, Almost everyone wants a partner...and not everyone has one.
advertisers know that if they tell you an ice cream bar can make you more attractive and get you all the sex you want, then it stands to reason, that the ice cream bar will sell. You just have to be smarter than the advertisers. This is not terribly difficult, since common sense should have you asking "exactly how is this product going to make me sexier?"

Sex feels good, and rarely feels bad. If you have the right partner, sex can be comforting and exciting. Sex is the begining of our exsistance and for most of us our only chance at a true and real feeling. It's like Tupac and chocolate, all rolled into one,...kind of.

Everywhere we look, we find ourselves inevitably drawn to images of scantily clad attractive men and women that are supposed to somehow inspire us to purchase products they endorse. Sure, this attention-getting strategy is popular. But, is it effective?
Sex appeal can increase the effectiveness of an ad or commercial because it attracts the customer's attention. It's human nature to be curious about sex. A pair of long legs on a billboard is more likely to catch (and hold) a guy's attention than a puppy, regardless of how cute it may be. Even women are drawn to them
the sexual content in advertising must be appropriate to the product category and have a proper underlying message. In 2000, Heineken launched the "It's...

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