human trafficking

human trafficking

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Human Trafficking and how it has Evolved

Sasha Fambrough

Boarder and Coastal Security
Professor Faron
16 November 2014

Human trafficking in persons is a huge problem, and serious crime in today’s society. It not only has gone global, but it is considered a shameful crime as well which has affected millions of lives, and robbed just as many of their dignity. Traffickers are deceivers who force men, women, and children in every exploitative situation imaginable every single day. The most common form of exploitation for trafficking is sex, domestic servitude, forced labor, begging, and even selling of organs, are other common forms as well. There have been many laws and agreements over the years, in an attempt to combat trafficking, and ultimately protect the rights of those who do fall victim to being trafficked. Trafficking can be dated back as far as the 1400’s, and through the years, human trafficking has grown and evolved into a booming and lucrative business for many.
Human trafficking is defined as any and all forms nonconsensual exploitation, such as prostitution, and forced labor. Since the 1990’s, the U.S has been number one in the fight to combat human trafficking. In the United States alone, trafficking is increasingly becoming a high profile issue. In early 2001, in order to try and combat the on- going issue of trafficking, the U.S State Department started the office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. This particular department publishes an annual report that assesses global efforts, in the attempt to combat, if not stop all trafficking. By many, human trafficking is more associated with forced prostitution in very poor countries. The extent of how many people are actually a victim of human trafficking is unknown, but an estimated 2 million men, children, and...

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