Humana an Its Nature

Humana an Its Nature

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Humans an its nature is based on its surroundings, an the ability to adapt, but humans are naturally good until there surroundings are changed, forcing them to adapt, sometimes it makes the person good or bad, it all depends on the change an the persons ability to adapt to the change. Oscar Shindler an his life story proves an provide evidence that human nature is not always good or bad but it’s a combination of both. He ignores his fear of being killed to help others because he see’s them for who they really are, humans.

Oscar Shindler was born on April 28, 1908, in Zwittau. His best friends was two Jewish boys that lived next door. His father was owner of a farm-machinery plant. He was a gambler, alcoholic, always look for a way to make money, horrible womanizer an in black-marketing. His family was one of the richest in the city until the 1930s, his family became bankrupt due to the economic depression. Unemployed, Shindler joined the Nazi party. He followed the Germans as they invaded Portland, which then lead him into owning a factor that used Jewish prisoners as cheap labors. Time past an the Nazis continued to muder thousands of Jews in the death camps, Shindler started to see the Jews differently, no more ass cheap labors but as, Humans.

After he realizes the horrible things happening to the Jews, he starts to help prevent them from being killed at the death camps, starting by having all 1200 Jews that worked at his factory moved to their own camps near the factory. His given reason for requesting this was so it would save time getting to the factory, but it was really to keep the Jews from being killed wile the was at the death camp. After keeping them out of danger of being killed at the camp, he started to snick in medicine an food for the Jews, buying it from the black-market. Shindler spent millions on bribing guards to keep his Jewish workers out of harms way. His connections Helped him many times, twice when he was arrested. Oscar Shindler...

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