Humanism vs. Christianity

Humanism vs. Christianity

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Humanism Vs Christianity

Following the very first glimpses of philosophy from ancient times, world's greatest thinkers thought that the ultimate meaning of our life should be delivering happiness to other human beings in this world, thus fore going along with nature which is to be considered not as our enemy but as our home. Unfortunately, the voices of those who proposed this human-centrist point of view remained unheard over centuries, until the 15th century when it finally took the shape of the social-culture movement veiled into philosophical concepts, which is today known as Humanism.
Humanism introduced brand new philosophical concepts which collided with other philosophical points of view in past and present, but never doubted one thing, and that is the importance of philosophy in creating the foundations of whatever the incoming changes bring, because philosophy is what brings sense into the lives of any civilization or individual. Whatever the case is, humans being simple or complex, black or white, intelligent or stupid cannot hide from philosophy. Philosophy became everybody's business at the same moment when first great thinkers were born. As Plato mentioned, philosophers are spectators of all time and all existence, but Humanism brings the ideas where philosophers should peek into other both natural and sociological sciences in order to get the clear understanding of humans and their interactions with nature.

Definition of Humanism

Humanism has its roots planted far back into the history and lives of ancient civilizations but it had different meaning. In the Greek world it could be veiled in rational balance of life, while in the 15th century it made more sense as a freedom from religious bonds, and more vibrant interest in all the aspects of life. Humanism from its philosophical point of view stands for a unique view of the human nature, and universe as a whole.
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