Humans Are Savors of Earth

Humans Are Savors of Earth

Research so far has shown there is life only on plant Earth. Since B.C and A.D periods humans have been living on planet earth with affection, discipline and integrity. Mankind has worked for several years to make this planet, Earth a better place everyday by putting their efforts. These efforts are seen in form of facilities and developments build for better life, protecting the environment and enforcing laws.

Mankind has made tremendous progress since the ancient years and changed the outlook of earth into a better and more beautiful place. The progress is seen in form of facilities implemented for people to live their daily life in comfort and planned way. In early days it would take months to travel from one part of the world to another part. But the progress that people have made, it now takes a couple of hours to reach from one end of the world to another end of world. Another change that humans have progressed is in development of living standards. Earlier humans used to live in huts, but now people live in houses and mansions.

April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day all over the world. There are non profit organizations and associations that spread the awareness of Earth Day to people all across the world. The mission of these organizations and the purpose of Earth day is to save earth by protecting the environment in different ways. One way of protecting the environment and earth is by planting more trees and giving proper supply of water, fertilizers to these trees. Another way is by building reservoirs to store water and make proper use of it. There is scarcity of water in many parts of the world and hence stored water is used in proper manner by humans and for environment growth.

Humans are enforced to follow laws created by the society and it is for the benefit of mankind and saving the planet earth. Laws have both good and bad impact. There are laws on forest preservations, land expansions and many more. Because of these laws, we have forests...

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