HUMOR IN HEAVEN based on Rev. 21:4
By Pastor Glenn Pease

W. Douglas Roe pastored a large Baptist church in Philadelphia, where he had a weekly radio broadcast. He was also going to seminary, and the load became to heavy, and he had a breakdown. He was out of the pulpit for many months. He had to learn to relax, and so he became a sort of comedian. He discovered his sense of humor, not only saved him, by bringing healing, but it was a useful tool for saving others for eternity.

He was asked to speak at a noon service in a large industrial plant. He was told about a certain worker who was a ardent atheist. He would never attend the service. Roe deliberately walked up to this man's bench, just before the meeting, and said to him, "Did you ever think how much we have to thank God for?" Before he could respond, Roe continued, "Take your nose for example. If anyone else but God had given it to you, it might have been turned upside down. Then if it rained, you would drown, and if you sneezed, you would blow your hat off." Roe just walked on up to the pulpit. The man was so intrigued by his humor, that he stayed to listen. He heard the Gospel, and made a decision for Christ. Humor became his first step on the way to heaven. Humor never saves, only Christ does, but humor may bring one to Christ.

A study of the great preachers of history, and the most popular in our contemporary world, will reveal that humor is a powerful tool in bringing people to Christ, and thus to heaven. Spurgeon used a lot of humor, and he wrote, "It always makes me laugh when I am called a sour Puritan, because you know there is nobody with a quicker eye for fun, or with a deeper vein of mirth, than I have." D.L. Moody loved to get together after an evangelistic service, and relax by telling jokes. A lady once asked him how he could laugh so soon after the serious labor of dealing with souls. He said, "If I didn't, I'd have a nervous break down at...

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