B) How can you use humour to your advantage in formal communication?

a. Humour as a tool of promoting your product/business.

1. Humour is also a great tool that can be used to market your business. It is another way to engage with your customers on a different platform.
(Martinez, L. (2009). CADBURY'S STRIDE GUM: "HERENCIA". Advertising Age, 80(31), 34.)

b. How much humour is allowed when dealing with customers?

1.Humour should have a positive effect on communication
with customers and should not offend or insult someone.
(Lannert, A. (2011). IT'S OK TO HAVE FUN. Smart Business Chicago, 9(1), 5.)

b. Managing with the use of humour.

1. The use of humor is also a way for employees and managers to come together and connect with one another. (Fredette, R., & Nordstrom, C. (2012). Managing With Humor: Examining Employee Motivation, Productivity, and Manager Likability. Managing With Humor: Examining Employee Motivation, Productivity, And Manager Likability, 2. doi:10.1037/e663382012-001)

D)Benefits of using Humour in teamwork.
a.Humour and teamwork.

1.Humour is often used to build solidarity and create rapport between workers (HOLMES, 1998).

c. Humor and productivity in groups.

1. Humour can create a positive working environment and boost creative thought but can be unproductive if used excessively. )Romero, E. J., & Pearson, T. R. (2004). The Relationship between Humor and Group Productivity An Exploratory Study. Journal Of Management Research (09725814), 4(1), 53-61.)

d. The use of humour building trust

1. The use of humour in groups can promote increased trust with others and trust is important for successful group work. (Kurtzberg, T. R., Naquin, C. E., & Belkin, L. Y. (2009). Humor as a relationship-building tool in online negotiations. International Journal Of Conflict Management (Emerald), 20(4), 377-397. doi:10.1108/10444060910991075)

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