Hunger Games Reflection

Hunger Games Reflection

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“The odds are never in our favor,” a statement written in the wall that startled the victors as they were headed to District 11. Also, it is the part of the movie that struck me most because it contradicts my opinion. I believe that fate is in their side. For me, as the people in each district wish themselves the hope of having a good fortune, they are also the ones responsible for making it happen.

Though I disagreed with the thought, that line in the movie was true. Even if the tributes of each district made it to victory during the previous hunger games, they still ended up as losers. The reason behind losing even though they were declared as winners was that they showed an act of selfishness because there was no other choice. In the game, it’s either kill or be killed. They have to murder others for their own. Just like the District 12 tributes, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. Yes, they survived the 74th hunger games but did they really won? Were they happy with the fame and fortune they got from winning in exchange for the lives of their co-competitors?

At some parts of the movie, losing was not only experienced by the tributes but also the people in each district. Indeed, I consider them losing at first because they were not able to fight against injustices. I can’t blame them because the ones who caused these injustices were the people in the Government. As I continued to watch the film, I was happy to see that some characters start to stand up against them.

Until someone stops the Capitol, the district’s fate will always rely in the hands of their government. In the movie, Katniss’ goal was only to stay alive. She might have been killed or so. After the games, without her knowing, Katniss gave people hope, something that the President would consider dangerous. This became the wake call of the people to fight back because it should not be the Capitol that rules the people but the people rule themselves. For me,...

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