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Impact of deforestation in Shanxi China

Name : Li Mu(Marc)
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Teacher : Joanne Han
Class : ELPP 3P
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Content 2
Introduction: 3
1 Current situation of deforestation in Shanxi 4
1.1 Rich forest resources in Shanxi 4
1.2 Smaller forest form 1998 to 2010 4
2 Reasons for deforestation 6
2.1 Logging activity 6
2.2 Poaching activity 6
2.3 Building houses and roads 6
3 Negative impact 7
3.1 Loss of plants and animal species 7
3.2 Loss of farmland 7
4 Possible solution of deforestation 8
4.1 Education 8
4.2 Plant new trees 8
4.3 Legislate laws to protect forest 9
Conclusion 9

Shanxi Province is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the western zone of the North China Loess Plateau, charged with protecting the ecological status of the middle reaches of the Yellow River and the Beijing-Tianjin region to ensure the ecological safety ring lofty mission, a very important ecological role. The Shanxi history was a dense forest, a good place to lakes widespread. Due to natural causes and human destruction, studies have shown that to 2003, the province's only remaining 551 acres of forest, the forest coverage rate of 2.4%.( Shanxi Forestry Department,2005) According to the 2010 review of the fourth national forest resource data, the province of the forest area of ​​3122 hectares, of which 1488 acres of plantations, natural forests 1606 acres, 28 acres of bush in particular; provincial stumpage was 73,090,000 Cube; forest coverage rate of 14.12%. If we add 1410 acres of bush, the province's forest coverage rate of only 19.2%.( The fourth national forest resource data,2010)
In recent years, with economic development, diminishing forest resources has impacted bring two main problems. First, a considerable part of the forest is not high quality, regeneration ability, weak protection. Many places become desert, rivers have dried up....