HW Honework

HW Honework


Now it’s time to discover your own personality type – your own “color”. Perhaps you will learn things about yourself that you were not aware of, or find out why you have certain tendencies or reactions you could never understand. You will probably be able to identify the colors of your acquaintances as well. This will help you to understand them better, and point the way to more meaningful relationships.

In taking your Personality Profile Test, be as honest as you can. There’s no point in deceiving yourself about who you really are. Dishonesty will only limit your knowledge of yourself and taint your relationships with others.

Here are some other suggestions that will make taking the test easier and will make your answers more accurate:

1. At first, mark the choices that come to you most readily. Skip the more difficult questions, but return to them later.

2. Do not hesitate to ask others for feedback – especially people who may not agree with you. Their opinions can help you balance your self-assessment.

3. Strive to choose answers which are most often typical of your thoughts and/or actions. Subconsciously, you may want to avoid identifying – or facing – the real you, but tough it out. Don’t cheat yourself by prettying things up. The potential rewards for honesty is too great.

Now, enjoy the test. You are about to determine your true color.

Directions: Mark an ‘X’ by the one word or phrase that best describes what you are like most of the time. Choose only one response from each group. After you’ve finished question 30, total your scores for each letter.

1. a) ___ opinionated 2. a) ___ power-oriented
b) ___ nurturing b) ___ perfectionist
c) ___ inventive c) ___ indecisive
d) ___ outgoing d) ___ self-centered

3. a) ___ dominant 4. a) ___ self-serving
b) ___ sympathetic b) ___...

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