Hydration Management in Stroke Patient

Hydration Management in Stroke Patient

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Hydration management in acute stroke patients - A look at nurses' awareness and understanding


Studies have been conducted into the management of hydration in acute stroke patients that have shown major differences exist from one region to another. The differences range from intervention timing and methods to legislation and practices. A lack of standardisation in practice leads to differences in intervention and nursing practices that impact stroke patients' outcomes. The impact can have longer term consequences for the patient in terms of prolonged dependence and the patient's quality of life in the long term and an increased financial burden on the National Health Service (NHS) for the long term care. Several barriers are encountered by nurses in the management of hydration and the lack of standardisation of practice is a prominent one. Although nurses are required to complete professional development throughout their careers, coping with variations in practice can affect nurses' awareness and understanding of hydration management in acute stroke patients.

Whereas some studies detail nurses' lack of awareness and good practice, none has looked at the impact of lack of standardised practice on the nurses and any additional support they may need. This study will expound variations in hydration management and try to answer the question: Are nurses aware and 'do nurses fully understand these variations?

This study will be localised in the southeast of England and utilise an explorative method through personal interviews to gather its data for a qualitative analysis.

Chapter 1


1.1 Background.

Stroke is a global public health concern with many sufferers presenting with varying levels of confusion (Oh and Seo 2007). Management of hydration in acute stroke patients is not standardised and variations in practice can be very wide between different continents. The sheer number of possible comorbidities and the...

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