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Hydropolis Proposed Concept

A Joint Venture of Siemens and Turner & Townsend

HYDROPOLIS or the Beginning of a New Era of Hotels.

The medium WATER as a basic aetiological elixir of life is of great significance. Simply the fact that man himself consists to 75% of water, and that his well-being requires regeneration of his basic substance “water” makes this element so significant. "Sanus per aquam" (health through water), commonly abbreviated as SPA, is therefore not a trend, but rather an expression of health-consciousness, a synonym for well-feeling, and of harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

With Hydropolis, an habitat will materialise for the first time worldwide which sets completely new standards with respect to the quality of experience and living. Hydropolis provides an ambience in the last uninhabited frontiers on earth in which a visit will be an unforgettable experience in the life of each individual guest. The distinctiveness of this unique hotel resort results from the harmonic interaction of the exceptional site as well as to the holistic architectural and atmospheric composition corresponding to the site. This creates a spatial effect which detaches the guest from the routine of his daily structures of perception and evokes unaccustomed sensual impressions.

Hydropolis is a splendid refuge far away from the stress factors of everyday business life and is ideally suited for guests from top management seeking to regenerate their inner strength.

Hydropolis is structured in three elements: the land station, the connecting tunnel, and the submarine complex. The land station is the reception and welcome centre for the hotel's guests. The connecting tunnel is the lifeline of the complex and not only provides access for guests, but also enables provisioning of the hotel with all the necessary goods. And finally, the submarine complex is the hotel itself with its wide range of unique additional facilities.



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