Hydropower in Ireland

Hydropower in Ireland

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What is hydroelectric power?
Hydroelectric is generated through the energy of falling or flowing water through the use of the gravitational force of falling water.it is environmental friendly electrical power since no waste occurs during its energy generation, it generates electricity throw turbine which in turn drives a generator, it is then transported throw long distance power lines to the grid for consumption. It is the most commonly used form of renewable energy and accounts for some 16% of annual global electricity consumption.

Conventional Hydro electrical Dam
What is the difference between the penstock and tailrace in a hydroelectric power plant?

Penstock: A penstock is a channel used to feed or carry water to a water wheel or turbine.
Tailrace: A watercourse that carries water away from a mill or water wheel or turbine.
The difference between the penstock and the tailrace is. The penstock is the means of delivering the water to the turbine or water wheel and the tailrace is to carry away the water once it has passed through the turbine or water wheel.
Hydropower Facility

A - Reservoir
B - Penstocks
C - Spillway
D - Powerhouse
E - Tailrace
Hydropower in Ireland
Ireland has over 50 different hydropower stations the main one is
ESB's first power station was commissioned in 1929 at Ardnacrusha in Co. Clare. It is Ireland's largest river hydroelectric scheme and is operated on a purpose built canal connected to the River Shannon.it is made up of three vertical-shaft Francis turbine generators When first built, the 86MW plant was adequate to meet the electricity demand of the entire country. Today, Ardnacrusha represents c. 2% of ESB's total installed capacity now The annual output of 332,000MWh is generated at 10.5 kilovolts (kV) and is transformed to 40kV for local distribution and 110kV for long distance transmission.
Turlough Hill & Liffey Stations
Turlough Hill, Ireland's only pumped storage...

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