Personal hygiene and cleanliness is a very important part of life, inside and outside the military. These few traits are important to ensure; a healthy immune system, a healthy living space, a non-hazardous work environment, and to maintain a military appearance. These few essential traits complement one another, without one you cannot have the other.

A healthy immune system will ensure mission readiness, as well as maintaining your sense of motivation. Within a civilian environment, a healthy immune system is the key to success. If a person has a weak immune system, due to poor hygiene or cleanliness, they put others at risk of obtaining an illness. A good example of this is a person within a business setting. If they are sick, or a carrier of a sickness, they may get others sick. By just being in a close proximity of another person, they may transmit their sickness. In the event one person, or a group of people become sick, work efficiency suffers, as well as the organization as a whole. Within an active military environment, a healthy immune system is extremely important. This is due to the incredible close living quarters. If one Marine is to become sick, they will most definitely make another Marine ill. In the event of one or more Marines obtaining a sickness, it may result in a lack of moral, motivation, and mission readiness status. This will greatly hinder the entire unit as a whole, and all of this is the direct result of a lack of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Having a healthy living space is a very important part of day to day life. Keeping your room neat and clean has a direct correlation to the health of the person. When a person has an unclean room, or living space; they become stressed and are unable to be relaxed and unwind. They will be constantly worried about cleaning and maintaining their room, as opposed to just going and unwinding from their day or night from work. For example, in the barracks if the room is unclean and...

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