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9/5/2007 3:55 PM Period: ______ Date: _______________________________________

Investigation and Experimentation standard 1.f. Students will distinguish between hypothesis and theory as science terms.

Hypothesis vs. Theory Discriminator

For each of the following examples, indicate whether it is a problem, an hypothesis, a law, or a theory.

1. _______________________________ The wood in my house is crumbling.

2. _______________________________ I think I might be catching colds from my students.

3. _______________________________ The pressure of a gas is always inversely proportional to its volume, if the number of gas particles and temperature are kept constant.

4. _______________________________ Transmissible diseases of all kinds are caused and spread by invisible, living particles called “germs”. These germs cause disease by entering the body of a host, deriving nutrition from the host’s body, reproducing themselves within the host, and then spreading to other hosts. The symptoms of illness are caused by the germs stealing energy and resources from the host, from toxic and/or irritating materials created by the germs, and from the germs directly destroying the tissue of the host.

5. _______________________________ 33% of the people in Botswana are HIV positive.

6. _______________________________ The force required to accelerate any object always equals the rate of acceleration multiplied by the object’s mass.

7. _______________________________ I think the large number of tiny fruit flies buzzing around my house are there because I don’t take out the garbage often enough.

8. _______________________________ I sneeze too much.

9. _______________________________ The attraction that all matter feels toward all other matter, sometimes called “gravity”, is caused by matter creating curves in the fabric of spacetime....

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